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Footwear made of EVA material (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) is NAT’S speciality!

This material protects your feet against cold and wetness while providing full insulation from the ground. EVA footwear is also extremely durable, completely waterproof and protects against low temperatures, thanks to its self-insulting foam. It is also superlight, what assists comfort during wear.

EVA boots are the ideal boots for fishing, angling, agriculture, farming and much more.

Maximize the enjoyment of practicing your favorite activities and treat yourself with lightness!



  • One piece molded, EVA boots have no seal and, therefore, are 100% waterproof.
  • Filled with thousands of tiny bubbles, EVA material offers excellent cushioning properties and provides high thermal efficiency, thanks to its self-insulating foam.
  • EVA is 70% lighter than other materials used to manufacture waterproof boots like PVC or rubber.

EVA Rain Boots

Supple and 100% Waterproof

EVA Winter Boots

EVA Bottom and Primaloft® Insulation

Safety Boots

With double density EVA and rubber outsoles

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