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WK935 | Work Socks (2-Pair Pack)
WK935 | Work Socks (2-Pair Pack)
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WK920 | Men's Work Socks (3-Pair Pack)

Men's socks: Choosing the right material

At NAT’S, we know that you should never underestimate the quality of the socks you wear. Choosing the right pair is not just about aesthetics! It’s also a guarantee of comfort and warmth. Choosing the right type of fiber for the situation you’re in is the key to your feet’s lasting comfort.

Socks play a vital role in repelling moisture, increasing breathability and preserving heat. Whether you need breathable and high-performance work socks, warm and comfortable merino socks, or thermal socks to relax after a long day playing outside, our selection will meet all your needs!

Socks for men : Favor synthetic fibers for sports activities

Nowadays, technologies are evolving rapidly. Synthetic socks are now much more efficient and durable than in the past. They also offer you more elasticity and strength.

It’s no secret that humidity is an enemy when you want to be protected in cold environments! It is therefore essential to keep your feet dry. Although wool socks are warmer, too much heat during intense physical activity can cause your feet to sweat. And when sweat is stored in your socks, coolness sets in!

Unlike natural fibers, synthetic fibers do not absorb moisture. Indeed, their knitting does not retain water and therefore dries faster. Their ingenious composition allows sweat to spread to the surface of the foot, keeping you dry. Using synthetic fiber socks that do not absorb water is ideal for athletes!

Men's thermal socks: For unrivaled comfort

Our men’s thermal socks are designed to offer our famous medium weight thermal protection. Their high-density, brushed yarns knitting, as well as their very thick construction, create an ultra-soft thermal barrier that keeps warm air close to your skin.

This innovative knitting technology produces a medium-curled hair with powerful insulation properties that will keep heat close to your feet for a longer period of time. These are the perfect socks to relax after a long day of work or to warm up by the fire after a day spent having fun outside.

Designed for unparalleled lightness and comfort, these thermal socks perfectly combine softness and warmth to keep your feet well wrapped up!

Men's merino wool socks: Get maximum heat

For a headache-free winter, there is nothing like merino wool socks! Indeed, it is one of the hottest materials you can find for your feet during the cold season.

Thin and soft, men’s merino socks are as pleasant to the touch as cotton socks. Enough to reconcile those who hate irritation and tingling caused by other types of wool socks! The use of merino fibers makes it possible to obtain cozy and ultra-efficient socks in terms of heat.

In addition, their longer and thinner fibers, compared to the majority of wools available on the market, bring extra resistance and durability. Choosing merino wool socks results in choosing unparalleled softness and comfort!