Women's thermal underwear


Women's underwear: Thermal sweaters and shorts

Warm, breathable underwear is the secret of comfort for your outdoor outings. Both are essential if you want to get the most out of your snowshoeing, snowmobiling or skiing outings. Another criterion to consider when selecting your base layer is the elasticity of the fiber used to manufacture your underwear.

The stretch knits in our lightweight sets offer great elasticity and durability. You'll enjoy unparalleled freedom of movement for your most intense sporting activities.

Whether you're looking for a women's thermal sweater or pants, NAT'S women's base layers are perfect for slipping on under your favorite outdoor clothing!

Women's thermal underwear: a versatile, stylish fit

The fit of your base layer directly influences your underwear's ability to retain body heat. In fact, each type of fit has its own advantages. Opting for a close-fitting model will give you more warmth. On the other hand, a looser-fitting thermal undergarment offers greater freedom of movement.

Wearing a base layer with a balanced fit/freedom of movement ratio is key for sportswomen looking for a multi-purpose technical garment. The versatile cut of our underwear allows active women to enjoy thermal sweaters and shorts that can meet the needs of hikers, workers and snowmobilers alike.

Women's underwear set: Light, breathable fibers

Another criterion to consider when buying thermal underwear is its ability to manage odors and perspiration. A quality base layer must transfer moisture from the body's surface to the outside, without retaining odors.

Since your thermal underwear is in direct contact with your skin and perspiration, the fabrics we use to make them are lightweight, offer excellent moisture transfer properties and also feature anti-odor treatment. Their polyester fibers are quick-drying and easy-care!

Women's thermal underwear: the multi-layer technique

Adopting the multi-layer system is a simple and effective technique for ensuring you don't get too hot or too cold during your winter activities. It consists of layering clothing to adapt to the intensity of your activity.

The first layer, or base layer, is your set of undergarments, including a sweater and thermal shorts. Their role is to wick moisture away from the body's surface while controlling your body temperature. You'll then be able to put on your mid-layer, a warm, breathable technical garment that will act as extra protection in the coldest weather. This is the first layer to be removed if you get too hot. Finally, the outer layer, or shell, will protect you from weather conditions such as snow, rain and wind.

And to complete your ensemble, don't overlook the importance of small accessories. Tuques, gloves and socks: find all your winter accessories here!