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Men's removable booties: Extend the life of your boots

Did you know that NAT'S removable booties are also sold separately? Since our winter boots will be with you for a long time, it may be a good idea to buy a new pair of removable foam or felt booties to give your snow boots a second life.

Replacing your old removable booties will restore the insulating qualities that may have worn off after years of use, saving you money by delaying the purchase of a new pair of boots.

Removing your removable liners regularly to let them air-dry also ensures optimum boot performance. That's why we recommend that snowmobilers who enjoy multi-day outings buy an extra pair of removable booties. That way, you'll be able to change your boots for longer outdoor trips.

Men's removable booties: Primaloft technology®

The secret behind the warmth of NAT'S winter boots lies in our ultra-light EVA base construction combined with removable liner inserts with Primaloft insulation®. Well-known to outdoor enthusiasts, this insulation is used by many of the world's leading manufacturers of technical sportswear.

Developed historically for the U.S. Army in the 1980s, this innovative synthetic insulation has the same insulating properties as natural goose down, while offering greater water resistance and unrivalled breathability.
The use of Primaloft® 200g or 400g insulation in our removable booties enables us to offer you lightweight, compressible, warm and water-repellent synthetic insulation. Treat yourself to the enveloping, high-performance warmth of NAT'S removable booties!

Men's snow crampons: superior traction

Our Canadian winters often bring harsh weather conditions. Snow and icy conditions occasionally turn trails and sidewalks into skating rinks! A good pair of snow crampons reduces the risk of slipping, falling and injuring yourself.

NAT'S winter crampons bite into icy surfaces to give you maximum grip and stability. Easy to remove, our elastomer snow grippers remain stretchy and flexible even in icy conditions.

Or opt for our deluxe model with full sole, steel nails and adjustable nylon straps. They'll stay securely attached to your boots and shoes.
Our portable, compact models are also an excellent option for those who prefer winter crampons that can be quickly installed and removed. Their adjustable straps keep crampons securely in place, and their small size is ideal for keeping them handy during the winter season.

Don't let the weather stop you! For safe and secure strides in the city or on the trail, choose NAT'S snow grippers.

Accessories for boots and shoes: small essentials to have on hand

Need a pair of replacement laces or insoles? We've got just what you need!

Available in 3 lengths, our laces, sold separately, are suitable for a wide range of shoes, boots and booties. Whether you opt for a round or flat model, our laces are available in a wide range of colors, allowing you to personalize your shoes.

As for our famous molded EVA soles, they adapt to all types of boots and shoes thanks to their cutting lines that allow them to be cut to length and width. Ultra-light, anti-odor, anti-bacterial and washable, they add exceptional comfort to your footwear.

And for even more comfort, slip into your basket one of our pairs of merino wool socks or NAT'S thermal socks. Try them and you'll love them!