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Men's winter boots: warmth and performance

Looking for the best men's winter boots on the market? You've come to the right place! Our wide selection of ultra-light winter boots with Primaloft insulation® will help you face the cold, snow and ice.

For snowmobiling or snowshoeing, nothing beats the flexibility and warmth of our featherweight winter boots. With unrivalled moisture management, they'll keep your feet warm and dry during your favorite winter activities.

The use of EVA in the manufacture of our insulated boots, combined with our removable foam liner, enables us to offer you laboratory-tested warm boots with a protection ratio of between -30°C and -85°C.

Men's workwear: winter coats, jackets and pants

Whether you're maintaining your grounds or working on the site in winter, you'll find your winter work coats, jackets and pants at NAT'S.

In addition to thermal underwear sets for men, you'll also find a wide range of insulated coats and jackets specifically designed for the needs of construction workers. Thanks to their functional design and cut, they offer the amplitude of movement you need to get the job done in comfort!

And for those who enjoy winter walks as much as outdoor work, nothing beats the comfort of our denim and lined work pants. These winter pants with a warm laminated fleece lining will keep your legs protected from the cold and wind.

Don't let the mercury stop you! Choose NAT'S workwear for men!

Winter accessories: Tuques, mittens and thermal socks for men

High-performance winter boots and a warm coat are two essential items for enjoying our Canadian winters in comfort. But don't forget that the quality of your winter accessories also plays a vital role in keeping you warm.

When you're cold, your body reduces blood flow to your extremities and concentrates its energies on warming your vital organs. So toques, gloves, mittens, hats and thermal socks are just as important as a good pair of snow boots!

Properly protecting your extremities to conserve your body heat is the secret to enjoying your favorite winter activities without counting the hours.

Men's thermal underwear: For absolute comfort

It's a well-known fact that thermal underwear sets act like a second skin, providing you with an extra layer of insulation. Slipping on a sweater and thermal shorts and opting for a multi-layer system is your best defense against the most intense cold.

Our men's thermal underwear is ideal for motorsports enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Breathable and stretchy, their lightly brushed polyester microfiber knit will hold a layer of warm air close to your skin while wicking moisture away from your body's surface. So you can enjoy their enveloping warmth for hours on end!