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Men's waterproof farm boots: tough and comfortable

Do you work in the agricultural sector? Then your boots need to be made from top-quality materials to give you the best possible longevity. Our EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) waterproof boots are ideal for farmers and agriculturalists.

Offering high resistance to slurry, EVA boots won't crack over time like rubber or PVC boots. Around 70% lighter than agricultural boots made from other types of material, EVA boots won't make you suffer after a long day's work in the fields. Thanks to their light weight and unrivalled flexibility!

And let's not forget their seamless construction for quick and easy cleaning and disinfection.

Agricultural clothing for men: Strong and durable

Dear farmers, we know that you work in extremely difficult conditions! Moisture, cold and dirt are all elements you have to juggle with every day. So it's vital that your workwear holds up and supports you throughout the week.

NAT'S workwear is built to withstand the rigors of professional work, even in the cold and heat of the elements. Their strength and durability mean you can go about your business with confidence!

Our farm shirts, jackets, coats and pants are made to the highest quality standards. You'll enjoy a practical, functional and robust work wardrobe that meets the demands of your profession.

Farmers' pants: functional and high-performance

Whether you're a farm worker, a market gardener or a livestock farmer, NAT'S has the right work pants for you! Our stretch fabrics give you the freedom of movement you need to comfortably perform your daily tasks.

Resistant to wear and tear, our agricultural pants also feature reinforcement seams at the crotch and topstitching at strategic points, so you can enjoy workwear with greater longevity. Our premium fabrics have also been treated to repel water and dirt for quick and easy care.

And because we want to accompany you in your work all year round, NAT'S completes its range for farmers with lined pants for the winter season. Their soft fleece lining will keep you warm and protect you from the wind when the cold sets in.

Men's agricultural work boots: safety and reliability

Working in the agricultural sector requires reliable, comfortable safety boots that give you the protection you deserve. From the barn to the field, our agricultural safety boots will protect your feet from livestock and machinery, so you can perform your tasks with peace of mind.

Above you'll find our range of boots, which we particularly recommend to our customers in the agricultural sector. We know that you're constantly out and about, so we've selected waterproof models designed to withstand the inclement weather you face on a daily basis. Discover our complete range of safety boots for men. Some of them may be just what you need.

You too can enjoy the comfort and safety of NAT'S agricultural work boots!