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Women's socks: Materials adapted to your needs

At NAT’S, we know it is essential to pay special attention to your socks’ quality. The perfect socks must not only be stylish and colorful to satisfy your eyes, but must also bring comfort and warmth to satisfy your feet. Choosing suitable materials, such as the type of fibers suiting the environment or the activity’s intensity, is the key to continuous comfort.

Repelling moisture and favoring breathability are essential criteria for any good pair of socks, not to mention the preservation of an enveloping and sustained heat. Trust our variety of styles to meet all your needs! Whether you are looking for tough and durable wool work socks, merino wool socks to play outside, or thermal socks to relax by the fire, you’ll find the pair you need!

Women's socks: Synthetic materials for sporty women

Today, socks made with synthetic fibers are much more efficient, elastic, and tough than in the past. We can say thanks to the new manufacturing technologies that are revolutionizing the way we do things.

First, it is essential to keep your feet dry, as humidity greatly accentuates the feeling of cold during winter. For this reason, wool socks are not always a wise choice for active women. Although these are generally warmer, they can also create extra heat that will cause your feet to sweat when engaging in intense physical activity. And when sweat is stored in your socks, a cold feeling sets in… at your expense!

Unlike wool socks, those made of synthetic fibers do not retain moisture near the foot and, as a result, dry faster. Indeed, the clever composition of their knitting evacuates sweat to the surface of the foot, thus, keeping it dry. You will then be able to fully enjoy your most intense sports activities!

Women's Thermal socks: Exceptional comfort

Made with an innovative knitting technology that produces a medium-curled hair, our stylized thermal socks for women offer a powerful insulation that will keep the heat close to your feet. With medium weight thermal protection, these are the ideal socks to relax after a long hike or a day spent playing outside with the kids.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, our women’s thermal socks provide you with softness and warmth, resulting in an absolute comfort. For colorful and well-wrapped feet, opt for NAT’S women’s socks!

Women's Merino wool work socks: Optimal Heat

For a cozy winter, nothing is better than merino wool work socks! This material is one of the hottest on the market to envelop your feet during the cold season.

Thin and colorful, our merino wool socks are as soft to the touch as cotton socks. Indeed, they do not cause itching or irritation, which is often associated with other varieties of wool. The use of these soft and silky fibers allows us to offer you an ultra-comfortable product, as well as an optimal performance in terms of heat.

And let’s not forget the longer and thinner fibers typical of merino wool that have the advantage of producing more resistant and durable socks. Merino wool work socks mean choosing a soothing softness, for unparalleled comfort!