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Men's waterproof boots: performance and versatility

Do you need the protection you need? Whether you're looking for quality rain boots to accompany you on your outdoor activities, or fully waterproof boots for your worksites, you'll find what you're looking for at NAT'S! Insulated or not, with or without protection, our range of waterproof boots is designed for performance and reliability.

Whatever the terrain or conditions, our water-resistant boots won't let you down thanks to their outstanding versatility. They'll keep you dry and comfortable, even in the coldest weather. Don't let rain and mud stop you. Enjoy nature with NAT'S!

Men's rain boots: the lightness of our EVA boots

EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) waterproof boots are a specialty that sets us apart, enabling us to offer you waterproof boots without compromising on flexibility and lightness.

EVA boots are ideal for fishermen, hunters and farmers, as they are up to 70% lighter than rubber or PVC boots. You'll tire less quickly thanks to their featherweight!

Because they're molded in one piece, EVA boots have no seams or seams, so they're completely waterproof. This material remains supple even in cold weather, making your stride more natural and comfortable.

Revolutionize your outdoor outings with boots whose lightness is matched only by their comfort!

Men's waterproof boots: also available with cap and sole protection

Because sometimes, it's serious business, NAT'S also offers fully waterproof boots with protective toecaps and anti-perforation soles. Our safety rain boots will follow you wherever it counts, whatever the conditions. On the job site or on the farm, wherever you step, you'll be protected without compromising on comfort.

Our non-certified models with composite protective shells are ideal for light-duty work, while our models with CSA Class 1-approved caps and soles are designed to provide a safe interior for workers' feet. Don't let doubt stand in your way! Rely on boots built to combine waterproofing and safety with NAT'S.

Lined rain boots for men: tested to -70°C

Cold, wet feet can easily ruin your day! Our series of warm, waterproof boots with removable linings has been designed to give you the waterproofing you need to cope with icy surfaces and high humidity.

Their EVA molding combined with their Primaloft® insulated foam liner make them unique, high-performance boots. Tested to protect you from the cold at temperatures down to -70° Celsius, our insulated rain boots for men will work hand in hand with you to combat wet and cold.

They'll keep your feet warm and dry for hours, thanks to their Primaloft® insulated liner for optimum moisture management. 100% waterproof, NAT'S rain boots for men are designed with perfect ergonomics in mind, so you can enjoy your outdoor activities to the full!