SEO Collection bottes d'hiver femmes


Women's winter boots: Designed for Canadian winters

Being based in Canada, we know how important it is to have quality winter boots to face the rigors of the cold season comfortably. That's why our women's snowmobile boots are built to keep your feet warm and dry even in the harshest conditions. Cold, wind, snow: nothing can stop you!

Whether you're out snowshoeing solo or enjoying your favorite winter sports with the whole family, our insulated boots are determined to protect you from freezing temperatures. When you choose NAT'S women's snow boots, you're choosing boots designed to take on our Canadian winters!

Women's winter boots: stay warm and dry

Perfect for snowmobiling, ATVing and snowshoeing, our snow boots with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) bases are warm and ultra-light. This self-insulating foam guarantees complete insulation from the ground, thanks to the multitude of microscopic air bubbles in its structure. So you can enjoy boots with outstanding thermal efficiency!

Much more flexible and around 70% lighter than boots made from materials such as rubber, our EVA snowmobile boots also have the ability to absorb impacts and vibrations. Injected into a mold to form a single piece, our EVA bases are seamless and 100% waterproof.

Enjoy the joys of winter, whatever the weather predictions, with women's winter boots from NAT'S!

The world's warmest winter boots: high-performance insulation

Made with removable liners containing 200 or 400 grams of insulation, NAT'S women's winter boots are proven fighters in the most extreme weather conditions.

Our Primaloft® insulated foam booties will exceed your expectations by keeping your feet warm and dry. Unlike felt booties that store moisture and perspiration, our removable Primaloft® booties work hand-in-hand with you, transferring moisture from the surface of your feet to the outside of the boot.

These high-performance women's snow boots will fight moisture and cold, so you can fully enjoy your outdoor activities with family and friends!

Women's snow boots: Accessories to suit your needs

We also offer a wide selection of accessories for your warm boots, so you can customize them to suit your needs. Our many models of ice crampons are there for those who regularly have to face icy or snowy surfaces. You'll enjoy flexible, durable snow grips that fit all your boots and shoes.

You can also maximize the longevity of your insulated boots by purchasing replacement foam booties. Whether you're looking to replace your liner for optimum warmth performance, or to give your snow boots a second life, our Primaloft insulated liner® is the key to the unrivalled comfort of NAT'S boots!