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NAT's winter boots: keep your feet warm and dry

As a Canadian brand, we understand the importance of choosing the right pair of winter boots. That's why NAT'S snow boots are designed to take on the harshest winters. Ideal for freezing temperatures, our variety of insulated boots ensure your comfort by keeping your feet warm and dry.

Whether you're hitting the great snowmobile trails with friends or enjoying outdoor activities with your family, our warm boots for men are ready to take on the winters here. At NAT'S, we fight the cold, snow and ice with you!

Men's winter boots: the lightness of EVA technology

Our warm boots with an EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) base are ideal for snowmobiling, ATVing, snowshoeing and much more. They protect you from cold and wet, while providing complete insulation from the ground. Filled with thousands of microscopic air bubbles, EVA offers high thermal efficiency and excellent cushioning properties thanks to its self-insulating foam.

In fact, this material is up to 70% lighter and much more flexible than other materials generally used in winter boots, such as rubber. But that's not all! Molded in a single piece, EVA bases are seamless and 100% waterproof. Treat yourself to NAT'S EVA technology and maximize the pleasure of your favorite winter activities!

Warmest winter boots: optimal insulation and moisture management

With their Primaloft insulation®, NAT'S snow boots are true conquerors in the face of the most intense cold! And yes, all our men's winter boots feature removable liners containing 200 or 400 grams of insulation.

Primaloft® stands out from other insulations thanks to its optimal moisture management and unrivalled breathability ratio. Unlike felt booties, which absorb moisture, our laminated foam booties wick moisture outwards, keeping your feet warm and dry.

Our boots will exceed your expectations, working with you to combat icy, wet temperatures for maximum performance. Enjoy cold days without counting the hours with some of the warmest men's boots on the market!

Winter boots: discover our complementary accessories

NAT'S also offers a wide range of accessories designed to get the most out of your winter boots. Our removable crampon sets bite into the ice while retaining their flexibility to give you maximum traction. Whether you opt for our ultra-strong snow grippers or our small portable crampons, they'll fit all types of boots and shoes.

Our removable booties are also available separately, so you can extend the life of your boots or buy an extra pair of booties for your snowmobile escapades. Wake up the explorer in you and discover our cold lands with NAT'S!