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Men's hunting and fishing boots: stay dry and comfortable

Whether you're hunting in wet conditions or out fishing, NAT'S waterproof boots will accompany you on all your expeditions. Whether you opt for the lightness and insulation of an EVA boot or the strength of our premium polyurethane models, our hunting and fishing boots will keep you dry.

Designed to keep your feet safe from water and mud, our hunting boots will protect you from the elements in comfort, so you can concentrate on spotting game or reeling in your next catch.

Rely on our waterproof boots made from flexible, lightweight, high-performance materials!

Men's waterproof hunting boots: walk with confidence

To face dense, aggressive vegetation, we recommend our comfortable, puncture-resistant polyurethane hunting boots. These Italian models have been molded with precise anatomical adjustments that will conform to the shape of your feet for maximum support and comfort.

These hunting boots also feature self-cleaning, SRC-level anti-slip soles so you can move with ease over rough terrain, in the rain or even in water. Their anti-fatigue heels absorb shocks when walking in the forest. These are the perfect boots for stalking and hunting!

Lined hunting boots for men: The enveloping warmth of Primaloft®

For hunters who stay put even in the coldest weather, nothing beats our hunting boots with Primaloft insulation®. Even in wet conditions, this insulation retains its high-performance properties in terms of warmth and breathability. So you can hunt in comfort even if you have to spend long hours stalking game!

Our EVA hunting boots with removable Primaloft® foam liners are ideal for winter hunting, stand hunting or hunting in muddy conditions. Lab-tested to protect your feet in temperatures down to -70° Celsius, these insulated hunting boots will keep you warm all day long, even if you remain in a static position.

Fishing boots for men: For maximum waterproofing and comfort

For shore fishing, boat fishing or ice fishing, NAT'S has the boot for you! Our EVA fishing boots are soft and ultra-light, so you can cast with ease whether you're sitting or standing.

This material, filled with microscopic air bubbles, provides complete insulation from the ground, giving you the best possible protection against water, humidity, mud and morning dew.

Our fishing boots with removable socks are also a must-have for ice fishing. Since you'll be standing still in harsh winter conditions, it's vital that the insulation performance of your fishing boots is top-notch!

NAT'S waterproof boots, with their high-performance thermal liners, will keep you warm so you can enjoy your ice fishing without counting the hours!