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Men's construction boots: sturdy and slip-resistant

Your safety is paramount in the construction industry! Choose NAT'S safety boots, CSA Class 1 and dielectric approved. Their protective soles and toecaps have been tested to withstand the punctures and shocks you may encounter.

Built to deliver the strength and durability you need on your jobsite, our men's construction boots will also meet your expectations in terms of comfort. Removable, anti-fatigue insoles provide extra support and shock absorption.

And for added grip, our entire range of men's construction boots feature non-slip, oil-resistant outsoles.

Men's construction boots : The comfort of our dual-density soles

At NAT'S, we don't do things by halves! Our men's construction boots are designed to be completely safe for your feet, while offering great comfort.

For workers who have to cover long distances during their working day, we strongly recommend our safety boots with dual-density EVA and rubber soles. Their EVA midsoles provide additional impact-absorbing cushioning, making walking much more comfortable during long days on the job site.

As for their rubber outsoles, these provide superior grip so you don't lose your footing on slippery surfaces, whether wet or icy.

NAT'S construction boots: designed for hard-working men!

Men's construction clothing: Reliable and durable

Nothing embodies reliability and durability like NAT'S men's construction clothing. Our work shirts and construction pants offer a relaxed, ergonomic fit that will keep you active all the way, optimizing the way you move. So you can enjoy the freedom of movement you need to get the job done comfortably.

Made from soft, durable fabrics, our construction shirts are made from high-quality fibers designed to last. Our insulated models with quilted lining will protect you from weather events by keeping the cold out of your shirt and the warmth close to your body.

And because every worker deserves the right fit, our many models of men's construction pants come in a wide selection of sizes and inseam lengths. Classic and practical, NAT'S work pants offer the strength construction workers need!

Men's construction bibs and jackets: Your visibility, our priority!

With or without sleeves, our men's construction jackets will follow you on all your adventures, even off-site! Ideal for both work and outdoor activities, our work jackets are functional and versatile.

Our high-visibility models will also keep you safe on the job. From coats and bibs to construction jackets with reflective stripes, we've got what it takes to make sure you're seen and noticed by your colleagues operating the machinery.

No matter what the weather throws at you, our sweaters, sweatshirts and parkas offer the protection you need to keep you well-dressed four seasons a year!