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Men's workwear: Comfort and safety

Selecting the right clothing for warehouse work can be a headache! Not only do you have to consider the tasks you have to perform to ensure that your work clothes are safe and comfortable, but the ambient temperature also plays a vital role in your choice of clothing.

In heated warehouses, it's a good idea to choose breathable work clothes, or to have several layers that you can easily remove to regulate your body temperature. This way, you can adapt your clothing to the intensity of the task in hand.

For those working in cold environments, choosing clothing that will keep you warm is key! Our wide range of men's insulated work shirts and lined pants will meet the specific needs of workers in refrigerated or unheated warehouses.

Men's work jackets and shirts: Rugged and versatile

We know it's important that your workwear is designed to meet the specific needs of your job. Our wide range of men's work jackets and shirts enables us to provide you with functional, durable garments that will meet all your requirements.

You can layer our quilted jackets over one of our flannel or fleece work shirts for comfortable, enveloping warmth. And for those who prefer to wear a slimmer top, our range of lightweight flannel shirts and t-shirts is sure to please!

Our many bibs and shirts with reflective stripes are ideal for warehouses and distribution centers where high-visibility workwear is required. They'll give you maximum visibility so you can work safely!

Men's safety boots: Lightweight protection

At NAT'S, we listen to our customers' needs. That's why our range of men's work shoes and boots offers both the comfort and protection required by logistics professionals.

Our metal-free safety shoes and boots give you the flexibility and lightness of conventional footwear without compromising on safety. You'll be able to walk for hours without your feet getting tired.

Our safety boots with dual-density soles are also ideal for warehouse work. Their EVA midsole absorbs shock and vibration, while their 8" height provides extra ankle support.

Choosing NAT'S work boots means choosing safety boots that are ready to work right out of the box!

Men's work pants: Designed with workers in mind

Built to provide a rugged, functional design for material handlers, forklift operators and warehouse clerks, NAT'S work pants feature multiple pockets to hold your work essentials. So you'll have all your little accessories close at hand!

Our men's work pant series in stretch fabric is also a must-have for logistics workers. Their high-quality fibers, including 2% to 3% Spandex, give you flexible workwear that makes your movements much easier.

And for distribution center staff who maneuver forklifts on a daily basis, you'll love our work pantswith flexible waistband. Their hidden elastics inside the waistband will give you extra comfort and flexibility when seated.