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Men's Work Jackets and Vests: Versatility and freedom of movement

NAT’S men’s work jackets and vests are designed to provide protection and warmth, so you can perform your daily tasks in comfort when temperatures cool down.
Do your activities require light protection such as a softshell coat? Are you looking for a high-visibility vest as safety is a priority? Do you work hard and need an ultra-resistant lined canvas jacket? At NAT’S, we’ve got you covered!
Our outdoors workwear, ranging from sleeveless vests to winter work coats, gives you the versatility and movement freedom you need to work on job sites or complete your outdoor renovations

Men’s Work Coats: Practical and durable

For workers who spend a lot of time outdoors during the mid-season, a good, practical, durable, and safe work jacket is a must. Choosing a coat specifically designed for workers will provide the best protection against wind and rain by reducing the risk of infiltration while on the move.
And since we know you’re constantly on the go, our lined work jackets all have a polyester insulation. This type of insulation is ideal for high-intensity activities, because it offers excellent breathability and dries quickly. The fit of our outdoor work clothing, combined with the use of high-performance insulation, allows you to preserve your body heat, for unrivaled comfort on the job.

Men’s Work Vests: Robust and functional

To keep the heat close to the body, there’s nothing better than a work vest! Whether it is for a chilly warehouse or for your outdoor work, these lined sleeveless jackets are ideal to comfortably perform the most demanding tasks. Their ergonomic design guarantees a maximum motion range so you can move freely.
Available in various types of materials, with or without insulation, our men’s work vests are suitable for all types of climate conditions. Ranging from pique nylon jackets to sherpa-lined styles, our sleeveless jackets are the solution to keeping you warm, no matter what type of work you are doing. Overlay them on your favorite plaid shirts for unparalleled comfort!

Men’s High Visibility Work Jackets: Safety and visibility

We take security very seriously! This is why our range of men’s reflective work jackets and vests is designed to significantly reduce the risk of incidents on construction sites. Suitable for construction workers, flagmen, crossing guards and truck drivers, NAT’S high-visibility coats and jackets with reflective stripes give you optimal protection in all weather conditions.
Our lightweight fabric styles are perfect for summer work, while our waterproof coats are ideal in mid-season. And let’s not forget our winter work coats that will allow you to be well seen by the vehicles and staff around you. Your safety is a priority! Choose work coats, high-visibility jackets and safety vests that offer the best visual indication of movement.