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Men's Work Pants: Practical and functional

Choosing the right work pants is essential to move freely on your construction sites. Essential piece of clothing for any worker’s wardrobe, the construction pants accompany you all day long. This is why it’s important to select the pants that best suit your needs and work environment.

Our wide selection of men’s trousers is designed to combine comfort and safety. Durable, practical, and resistant, NAT’S work pants are designed with fabrics made from high-quality fibers, and all have a treatment that repels water and dirt for easy maintenance.Regular or stretchy work pants, work bermudas, cargo or multi-pocket pants: you will find everything in one place with NAT’S!

Men’s Work Pantts: Durable and resistant

Harsh working conditions require sturdy pants. For this reason, NAT’S work trousers have stitching at strategic points, as well as reinforcement at crotch. Our high-strength sewing thread, combined with solid and reinforced pocket interiors, allow us to offer you pants with better durability and optimal tear resistance.

And because we have attention to detail, we also use top quality brass zippers. Whether it’s climbing ladders or squatting while performing your daily tasks, our men’s work pants are there so you can execute your work with confidence.

Men’s Construction Pants: The comfort of our stretch fabric

For active workers who are constantly on the move, good workwear should offer excellent mobility. For unparalleled comfort, treat yourself to the flexibility of our men’s construction pants made of premium stretch fabric!

Containing 2% to 3% Spandex, our series of stretch work pants offers you unrivaled movement freedom. Combining comfort and robustness without compromise, these are the favorite pants of carpenters, woodworkers, plumbers, electricians, farmers, and truckers.

Their soft and flexible fabric will accompany you in all your movements, without exception, to allow you to work at ease. At NAT’S, our priority is to design clothes in which you will feel good, so that you can better focus on your task.

Men’s Work Trousers With Knee Pads: To withstand wear and tear on construction sites

Protect your knees on construction sites with our men’s multi-pocket pants, allowing the insertion of removable knee pads. Made specifically for construction workers, they are equipped with many multi-functional pockets allowing efficient and fast access to all your tools and accessories.

Ideal for roofers, plumbers and tilers, NAT’S men’s construction pants are made of an ultra-abrasion-resistant stretch canvas fabric. Their pockets for inserting knee protectors are also reinforced for an extended lifespan.

Sold separately, our EVA knee pads adjust in height and can be removed easily when you don’t need them. These are the perfect trousers to kneel or squat comfortably when working on the ground for long periods of time!