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Men's underwear: Sweaters and thermal tights

For your outings on snowmobiles, skis, or snowshoes, nothing beats the comfort of warm and breathable underwear. These are the two essential criteria to get the most out of your winter activities. The elasticity of the material used to make your base layer is also a significant detail to consider.

Made of micro polyester fibers, NAT’S men’s underwear sets are made with stretch knitwear, for better elasticity and high wear resistance. You will thus benefit from a great mobility, which is essential when practicing your sports activities.

Whether you’re looking for a men’s thermal sweater or simply underpants, NAT’S underwear is the perfect base layer to wear under your favorite outdoor clothing!

Men's thermal underwear: Versatile fit and style

As we know, your base layer’s cut plays a crucial role in retaining your body heat. Fitted models have the advantage of retaining heat better, while those offering a looser cut don’t restrict your movements.

Choosing a technical garment with a good mobility/fit ratio is therefore ideal for athletes looking for a multipurpose base layer! Designed to suit hikers, snowmobilers, and workers, our men’s thermal underwear sets offer a versatile fit, for all your activities.

Whether you are going for a long snowshoe hike or for a snowmobile ride, choose the comfort of NAT’S products!

Men's thermal underwear: Odor and sweat management

The last aspect to consider when buying your thermal underwear is odor and sweat management. Good underwear should keep moisture away from the body and not retain odors.

As your base layer is in direct contact with your skin and sweat, we have chosen to use micro polyester fibers for our men’s thermal underwear. These fibers provide a lightweight fabric, offering much quicker drying than natural fibers. In addition to easy maintenance, you will enjoy a maximum warmth!

Men's thermal underwear: the multilayer system

Worried about being too hot or too cold? Nothing works better than the multilayer system, for great body heat management! Simple and effective, this technique consists of wearing three layers of clothing, providing you with warmth adapted to the intensity of your ongoing activity.

Your NAT’S thermal sweater and thermal tights will act as a base layer. This will keep moisture away, while regulating your body temperature.

An intermediate layer will then provide enough heat for freezing temperatures, as well as for when you stand still. This will be the first layer to remove, as needed, depending on your heat level.

Finally, the outer layer, commonly known as the shell, will have for mission to protect you from the elements you face, such as rain, snow, and wind.

And don’t forget to upgrade your multilayer system with warm and high-performance accessories such as a beanie, gloves, and socks, for optimal results. Check out our selection of winter accessories here!