Bottes de motoneige

EVA snowmobile boots

Fearsome conquerors of extreme cold temperatures

Soulier de sécurité ultra léger pour homme | Orange | NAT'S | S510

New CSA work running shoes

Less than 490 g. per foot!

EVA winter boots

Flexible even when temperature drops to its lowest

Botte en EVA avec cap en composite | Noir | NAT'S | 1577

Ultra light EVA boot with composite shell

Oil and animal waste resistant to its outsole

Camo boots with removable foam liners

The lightness that stands against the weight of winter


About us

Located in Saint-Augustin-de-Desmaures, nearby Quebec city, NAT’S has proudly been designing and distributing its products for more than 18 years.

Over the years, NAT’S has become a major player in the market, diversifying and expanding its products line. While always on the lookout for new technologies, NAT’S remains true to its promises of quality and comfort